Blog #4: Poverty Normal

Driving. In Toronto in the middle of winter. At the bottom of Rosedale Valley Road. A guy, mid twenties with a cardboard sign around his neck. “Need money for food..” The light is red so I can stop without having people honk and climb up my ass. I’ve tried it that way and it’s ugly.[…]

Blog #3: Her Life Inside

I spent nearly ​two​ years going to the criminal courts in Old City Hall in Toronto doing research for a television show. It was, in almost every way imaginable, an overwhelming experience. I still can’t explain very accurately what it was like. Chaotic, eye​-​opening, humbling, infuriating. My first time in court there was this:​ ​An[…]

Blog #2: Kill The Poor

I write plays about people who can’t  afford to go see them. And…I’ve  always had to deal with the slightly sickening feeling I have about this. Theatre becomes more expensive. Plays are attended by people who can afford it and more importantly have no problem finding out how to buy a ticket. People who “love”[…]

Just a bit of advice

Just the tiniest bit of advice here about acting in my plays. No need to look for a style. Just do the play. Just say the words like you mean them, and if you can, like you feel them. There is a point where comedy and sadness or frustration and anger meet. Trust that. No[…]