Blog #2: Kill The Poor

I write plays about people who can’t  afford to go see them. And…I’ve  always had to deal with the slightly sickening feeling I have about this. Theatre becomes more expensive. Plays are attended by people who can afford it and more importantly have no problem finding out how to buy a ticket. People who “love” theatre.  But… A lot of the people I write about (and who don’t love theatre)  would be intimidated by that simple process. Don’t believe me? Ask around. Ask someone who has never been to the theatre. Even if they could afford it, they wouldn’t know how to go about it. You see,  to them it’s a secret place where the special few go.

But more about this sickening feeling, which I think comes from being pretty sure that I’m taking part in some kind of  anthropological experiment.  I throw people onto the stage that most of the audience have never had much, if any, contact with. Strange non exotic creatures who don’t have the slightest idea how sad and pathetic they are. “Look at those confused zany (maybe  even ill) people up there.“Look at that weird dysfunctional family .” Not that fiercely  struggling family in a dysfunctional world. No not that fucked up punishing world. Just  the pathetic losers I seem to be obsessed with.

It’s a very strange way for me  to make a living. It truly is.  A working class guy in the theatre. Strange. Challenging for sure. But also very very strange. I mean theatre. Really? “Why not just stand on a street corner and rant?  I wouldn’t  get paid, but I’d probably fit in better with my new colleagues . ”  That’s me talking to myself.

Anyway… Both plays on this website are set in a low-income high-rise apartment building and involve gloriously sad pathetic, confused people in pretty serious trouble. There might be a couple more. I’m not sure yet. I was going to call the whole series Kill the Poor then moved on to Who Gives A Fuck. But maybe that’s too aggressively rude. Anyway if you have the time I hope you like them. Or can at least tolerate them.

These people exist. And I kind of love them.